Abortion is legal in Colorado. All are welcome here. Appointments are available within a week. 

Pregnancy Testing &
Options Counseling

Urine pregnancy testing is a simple way to find out if someone is pregnant. We offer easy and private pregnancy testing for anyone who thinks that they could be pregnant. If someone is pregnant, they have different options for their pregnancy. Our providers can talk to you about these options which include pregnancy with parenting or adoption, and abortion.

Schedule an appointment now or call our clinic if you have questions about pregnancy testing. If it is after hours, and you need to talk to someone now, we recommend the All-Options hotline (1-888-493-0092). They offer 24/7 judgement-free and totally confidential support for people to make reproductive life decisions.

We believe in and support reproductive freedom!

We believe in and support
reproductive freedom!

BVHC provides supportive, respectful, & caring health care that is high-quality and affordable.